The Fannie Lou Hamer Legacy Committee was organized
by Patricia M. Thompson/ROAR under the advisement of
the late civil rights movement pioneer Victoria Gray
Adams to honor the 30th Anniversary Commemoration
Celebration of the Home-going of Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer.
Dr. Mack Jones was the coordinator.
Legacy Committee Members
Shirley Edwards, Mayor of Ruleville, MS
Hattie Jordan, Alderwoman-City of Ruleville, MS
Edgar Donahoe, Sunflower County, MS Supervisor
Charles McLaurin, Civil Rights Activist (SNCC)
Patricia M. Thompson, ROAR
Stacy J. White, Sunflower Historical Society
Margaret Kibbee, Civil Rights Movement Veteran
Mack H. Jones, Mississippi Valley State University
Leslie McLemore, Hamer Institute-Jackson State University
Hollis Watkins, Southern Echo, Civil Rights Movement Vet
Yolanda Clark, Community Activist
Rickey Hill, Mississippi Valley State University
Jimmy Lacy, Fannie Lou Hamer Nephew
Tazinski Lee, Mississippi Valley State University
Darrell Moore, Amzie Moore Estate
Jean W. Rawlings, Hamer Cultural Learning Center
David Rushing, Sunflower County Historical Society
Dr. Ron V. Myers, Sr. Juneteenth Foundation
Arlene Story-Sanders, The Rev. J. D. Story Estate
Freddie White-Johnson, Hamer Cancer Foundation
***The late Victoria Gray Adams***
Thursday         March 1, 2007

7:30 PM
Musical Tribute
Mississippi Valley  State University
Itta Bena, MS
(Approximately 30 miles from Ruleville, the home of Mrs. Hamer)

The musical tribute featured contributions by the Mississippi Valley State
University Choir,
Bernice Johnson Reagon, Hollis Watkins, and  Vincent Harding.
Friday               March 2, 2007         

10:00 AM
"Five Feet Four Inches Forward"
Mississippi Valley State University
Itta Bena, MS

The Sunflower County Freedom Project, a group from Sunflower, Mississippi
presented their play via DVD:
“Five Feet Four Inches Forward,” which celebrates
the life of Mrs. Hamer.  

2:00 PM
Film/Video Presentation
Hamer Exhibition
Fannie Lou Hamer Multi-purpose Building
Ruleville, MS

Friday afternoon events moved to Ruleville, MS, Mrs. Hamer’s hometown, to view
photos, video clips and other Hamer memorabilia and hear testimonies from some of
those who worked and struggled along side her.  Mr. Charles McLaurin presided
over this portion of the program.

7:00 PM
Rev. J. D. Story:  An Ordirnary Man
Willaim Chapel M. B. Church
Ruleville, MS

Commemorative forum at William Chapel Baptist Church to acknowledge the
contributions of Reverend Joe D. Story who opened William Chapel to the
Movement and gave support to Mrs. Hamer and other valiant freedom fighters
during the difficult days of the 1960s.
The late Rev. J. D. Story Family
William Chapel M. B. Church
Saturday                 October 3, 2007

10:00 AM
Parade/Wreath Laying Ceremony/Community Picnic
Downtown Ruleville, Mississippi
Fannie Lou Hamer Memorial Garden
Fannie Lou Hamer Multi-Purpose Building
Ruleville, MS

Saturday morning featured a parade in Ruleville that ended with the laying of a
wreath at the Hamer grave site.  The program continued on Saturday afternoon with
an outdoor barbecue and testimonies and orations from some of those whose lives
were touched and enriched by Mrs. Hamer.

8:00 PM
Special Gathering for Hamer Family
Greenwood, MS
Fannie Lou Hamer
Legacy Committee
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Civil Rights Movement Veterans Hollis Watkins and
Bernice Reagan Johnson leads crowd in a song.
Dr. Stacy J. White coordinated the decorating committee
along with Alderwoman Hattie Jordan.
A visitor observes books written on the Mrs. Hamer
and the Sunflower County CRM experience.
On display is information on the Freedom Farm Co-op that
Mrs. Hamer organized.
The late Rev. J. D. Story was pastor of William Chapel when
mass meetings were held by SNCC.
Replica of marker to be placed at William Chapel at a later date
Dr. Vincent Harding explains to a
visitor Hamer's political convictions.
Minister Vester Lobbins reads a scripture from the bible
before a wreath is layed at Hamer's grave. Lobbins is a
cousin of Hamer
SNCCer Charles McLaurin tells crowd about Hamer being
kicked off of Marlowe's plantation for trying to register to vote.
Dr. Leslie McLemore explains to crowd what a beautiful sight
it was when Hamer and other MFDPers stepped off of the
buses in Atlantic City, N.J. to challenge Democratic Party in '64
Freddie White Johnson (founder of The
Hamer Cancer Foundation) speaks with
Judge Solomon Osbourne.
National Black
United Fund
(NBUF) is our
fiscal sponsor
for the Hamer
statue project.