Fannie Lou Hamer Memorial Garden
Ruleville, MS
SNCCer Charles McLaurin and his grandson at re-dedication service of
Fannie Lou Hamer Memorial Garden on July 12, 2008

McLaurin was a close friend of Mrs. Hamer and her Campaign Manager
He is the Direstor of The Fannie Lou Hamer Monument/Statue Project

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The Fannie Lou Hamer Memorial Garden was re-dedicated by
The City of Ruleville on Saturday, July 12, 2008
Fannie Lou Hamer Memorial Garden

Coming soon with your support
The Fannie Lou Hamer Statue!
Ruleville's Alderwoman Hattie R. Jordan worked diligently with Mayor
Shirley Edwards, the citizens of Ruleville and SNCCer Charles McLaurin
for nearly three years on new developments at the Hamer Garden.
Perry "Pap" Hamer and Fannie Lou Townsend Hamer
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