Fannie Lou Hamer Statue Donors

  • South Delta Planning and Development District, Inc.

Super Star

  • Double Quick, Inc.                                                         Indianola, MS

Star Circle

  • Dr. Patricia Reid-Merritt & William T. Merritt            Hamilton, NJ

  • Dr. Julianne Malveaux                                               Greensboro, NC

  • Dr. Molefi K. Asante & Ana Asante                         Philadelphia, PA

  • National Council for Black Studies                                  Atlanta GA

  • National Association of Black Social Workers        Washington, DC

  • National Black United Fund                                           Newark, NJ

  • Dr. Francine C. Childs                                                      Athens, OH

  • Dr. Paul Lyons (In Loving Memory) - Mary Hardwick  Northfield, NJ

  • Mr. Hodding Carter III & Ms. Patricia M. Derian   Chapel Hill, NC

  • Richard Stockton College of New Jersey                         Pomona, NJ

  • Veterans of The Mississippi Civil Rights Movement, Inc.
                                                                                                  Jackson, MS

  • Dr. Delores Aldridge                                                         Decatur, GA

  • Russell Williams                                                               Hanover, PA

  • Dr. Maulana Karenga & Tiamoyo Karenga             Los Angeles, CA

  • Dr. David Emmons         (In loving memory- He was there when it
    mattered!)                                                                        Galloway, NJ

  • Dr. K. C. Morrison and Dr. Johnetta Wade Morrison  Starkville, MS

  • Planters Bank and Trust Co.                                         Indianola, MS

  • SuperValu Inc. (Lewis Grocery Division)                    Indianola, MS

  • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Greenwood/Itta Bena Alumnae Chapter
                                                                                           Greenwood, MS

  • Attorney Alix H. Sanders, Sr. and Judge Betty W. Sanders
                                                                                              Greenwood, MS

  • Dr. Henry Louis Gates                                                 Cambridge, MA

  • Entergy Mississippi                                                        Cleveland, MS

  • MS State Senator Willie Simmons                                Cleveland, MS

Sister/Brother Circle

Susan Reep and Mark A. Smith                                 Bakersfield, CA

  • Mary K. Mills                                                          Santa Monica, CA

  • MS Karen S. Kalish, Estelle W. & Karen S. Kalish Foundation of
    the Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation          Clayton, MO

  • Dr. Curtis A. Leonard & Mrs. Jacqueline Leonard    Philadelphia, PA

Charles McLaurin                                                          Indianola, MS

  • Jill Lundquist                                                      Sault Sainte MA, MI

  • Hakim Johnson    (In Memory of June E. Johnson)      Washington, DC

  • Dr. Maegan Parker Brooks                                                Denver, CO

  • The Church of the Good Shephard       Rev. Dr. Frank Portee, III Pastor
                                                                                          Willingboro, NJ

  • Sunflower County Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance
                                                                                              Indianola, MS

  • Dr. Charlotte Thomas-Hawkins                                  Burlington, NJ

  • Alexandra Smith                                                          Bakersfield, CA

  • Mr. Samuel Penceal & Dr. Bernadette Penceal           New York, NY

  • Courtland V. Cox                                                     Washington D. C.

  • Dr. Mack Jones                                                                  Atlanta, GA

  • Dr. Stacy J. White (In Loving Memory of Bernice Magruder White)
                                                                                      Indianola, MS

  • Shiloh Baptist Church Rev. Darrell Armstrong, Pastor Trenton, NJ

  • Sunflower County NAACP      (Branch 5333)             Indianola, MS

  • Southern Initiative of The Algebra Project        Mount Pleasant, SC

  • Patricia M. Thompson                                                 Saint Paul, MN

  • Ruleville Chamber of Commerce                                    Ruleville, MS

  • In Memory of Nelson Dotson                                         Indianola, MS

  • Roderick Spencer                                                     Santa Monica, CA

  • Cory Masters Barry                                                    Washington, DC

  • William Chapel M. B. Church                                        Ruleville, MS

  • DSU Cultural and Learning Center                             Cleveland, MS

  • Brookings Farm, LLC                                                      Jackson, MS

  • The African American Civil War Memorial Freedom Foundation
                                                                                          Washington, DC

  • Bolivar County Alumnae Chapter  Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
                                                                                             Cleveland, MS

  • Greenville Alumnae Chapter Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
                                                                                            Greenville, MS

  • ACES/Teaching American History Grant                       Hamden, CT

Friends Circle

  • Alexandra Molen      (CA Hamer Flamekeeper)        Bakersfield, CA

  • Armenia Reese (In Tribute)                                           Plainfield, NJ

  • Richard Stockton College of New Jersey    (Loose Change)

Afro-One Dance Drama & Drum Theatre, Inc.        Willingboro, NJ

  • Pat's daughter                                                            Maple Shade, NJ

Martin A Nicolaus                                                           Berkeley, CA

  • David Riley                                                                    Providence, RI

  • Jessica Reid Lanier                                                        Eagleville, PA

  • Carol Ruth Silver                                                   San Francisco, CA

  • Michelle E. Nicholson                                              Philadelphia, PA

  • Stephen L. Saltonstall                                                     Sandgate, VT

  • Nita (Reid) Chapel                                                    Philadelphia, PA

  • Brahim (Reid) Bookhart                                                  Somerset, NJ

  • Bob Mants                                                                 Lowndesboro, AL

  • Bonnie Watson Coleman                 New Jersey Assemblywoman (D)

  • Alice G. Thompson                                                              Detroit, MI

  • Suzette Reid Royster                                                    Norristown, PA

  • Dr. Jacqui Wade                                                       Marfreesboro, TN

  • Charles Fuller                                                           Philadelphia, PA

  • Onwubiko Agozino                                                      Blacksburg, VA

  • Stuart A. Mandel and Paula Carey Mandel                  St. Louis, MO

  • Marcy K. Brodsky                                                            St. Louis, MO

  • Charles R. Brown and Shirley Bowden Brown            St. Louis, MO

  • Theodore and Susan Lampros                                       St. Louis, MO

  • Francis W. Nichols and Jane Nichols                          St. Louis, MO

  • Maggie Duwe, D.C.                                                        St. Louis, MO

  • Gloria Steinem                                                                      New York

  • Khara C. (Reid) Dodds                                                    Hartford, CT

  • Bertha Rose Udell                                                       Sacremento, CA

  • Lisa Anderson Todd                                                   Washington, DC

  • Dr. Leslie Burl McLemore                                                Jackson, MS

  • Wallace Roberts                                                       Williamstown, VT

  • Robert J. Sheak         (In memory of Art Gish)               Athens, Ohio

  • Lois D. Whealey        (In memory of Art Gish)                Athens Ohio

  • Eleanor Walden                                                               Berkeley, CA

  • Dr. Celeste Johnson        (For Pat @ 60)                 Philadelphia, PA

  • Wazir Peacock                                                               San Pablo, CA

  • Curtis Francisco                                                      Silver Spring, MD

  • Dr. Ricky Hill                                                   (MVSU) Itta Bena, MS

  • Dr. Tazinski Lee                                               (MVSU) Itta Bena, MS

  • David Cotton                                                                                     MS

  • Dr. and Mrs. Rodney E. Frothingham                           Ruleville, MS

  • Dr. Marvin Haire                                              (MVSU) Itta Bena, MS

  • Hamer Memorial Garden Loose Change Donation Box-  Ruleille, MS

  • MS State Senator Deborah L. Hawkins                Pass Christian, MS

  • MS State Senator Albert Butler                                 Port Gibson, MS

  • MS State Senator Kelvin Butler                                    Magnolia, MS

  • MS State Representative Wilbert Jones                         Meredian, MS

  • MS State Representative Joe Gardner                          Batesville, MS

  • MS State Representative Omeria Scott                              Laurel. MS

  • Clifford Thompson                                                            Jackson, MS

  • Buddy Medlin                                                                    Jackson, MS

  • Beth Clay                                                                           Jackson, MS

  • MS Civil Liberties Union Foundation                            Jackson, MS

  • Gloria D. Williamson                                               Philadelphia, MS

  • Dr. Willaim D. Cabin                                                    Glen Rock, NJ

  • Emily Hauser                                                                    Oak Park, IL

  • Marc Walters                                                                      Aurora , CO

  • MacKenzie Fillow                                                    Washington, D.C.

  • Emily Weaver                                                                    Evanston, IL

  • Joy Kecken                                                                   Culver City, CA

  • Tia Ghose                                                                San Francisco, CA

  • Suresh Maidu                                                                         New York

  • Hanna Woodward                                                              Everett, WA

  • Ashley Dohely                                                         Washington, D. C.

  • Jessica Roydouse                 Potts Point New South Wales, Australia

  • Ali Castellanos Smith     (CA Hamer Flamekeeper)  Bakersfield, CA

  • Dr. Shelli McWhorter                            (In Loving Memory from Pat)

  • Rev. Regena Thomas                                                      Hamilton, NJ

  • Universal Truth Center                                        Miami Gardens, FL

  • Audrey Pitman          (In Tribute)                            Philadelphia, PA

  • University of Puget Sound                                               Tacoma, WA

  • Christopher and Michele Hexter                         University City, MO

  • David Pharr

  • Giles R. Wright (In Memory Of)                                        Anonymous

  • Mark Jenkins                                                   Columbia Heights, MN

  • Pearson Education                         

  • Dr. Maegan Parker Brooks/Dr. Davis W. Houck              Denver, CO

  • Stockton@40                                                                      Pomona, NJ

  • Anne Harvey                                                                 Coupeville, WA

  • Stephen Saltonstall                                                         Sandgate, VT

  • William Southerland                                                    Bradenton, FL

  • Judith Trampf

  • MaryBeth Bronson

  • Dr. Jacqueline Pope (a gift @ 70)                      Roosevelt Island, NY

  • Dr Celeste Johnson                                                   Philadelphia, PA

  • Dr. Shirley Weber                                                          San Diego, CA

  • Dr. Aminifu Harvey                                                          Durham, NC

  • Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Bell                                                     Jackson, MS

  • Dr. and Mrs. Sherman Labovitz                               Philadelphia, PA
  (a gift celebrating 67 years of marriage)

  • Stephanie L. Eady    (In loving memory of my best friend)     Heaven

  • Janine Reep                                                                      Douglas, AK

  • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.                                     South Jersey
(New Jersey Garden City Alumnae)

  • Roberta Gilston                                                              New York, NY

  • Wendal White                                                                    Pomona, NJ

  • Whitney G. Stewart Harris                                           Woodbury, MN

  • Dr. Marian Wright Edelman                                     Washington, DC

  • Community Bank                                                      North Mississippi

  • Hattie Jordan                                                                   Ruleville, MS

  • Angelia Childs                                                              Columbus, OH

  • Margaret Kibbee                                                            Greenville, MS

  • Anne Pomeroy                                                           Philadelphia, PA

  • Mississippi Gulf Coast Alumnae Chapter  Delta Sigma Theta, Inc.
                                                                                                    Biloxi, MS

  • Southern Bancorp Bank                                                 Ruleville, MS


  • Laura D. Wolfe                                                                   Shafter, CA

  • Jennifer & Matt Constantine                                      Bakersfield, CA

  • Sydney G. Clemens                                                 San Francisco, CA

  • Nina D. Boal                                                                 Columbia, MD

  • M.E. Bennett                                                                       Dallas, TX

  • Quinn Brisben                                                                   Chicago, IL

  • Steve Goldsmith                                                              Torrance, CA

  • Etrulia Reid Lee                                                  Ft. Washington, MD

  • Darlene Reid Ford                                                      Willingboro, NJ

  • Rev. Darrell Armstrong                                                     Trenton, NJ

  • Olin Brummell-Presley                                                    Saginaw, MI

  • Grace D. Tatem                                                             Grambling, LA

  • Wendy Wayne                                                               Bakersfield, CA

  • Quon Louey                                                                 Bakersfield, CA

  • Maxine Canada Brown                                             Philadelphia, PA

  • Dr. Gwendolyn Williams                                            Moorestown, NJ

  • Thelma Cyprian                                                             Lawrence, MA

  • Michael Purcell                                                           Bakersfield, CA

  • Ronald E.  Hall                                                                  Okemos, MI

  • Christine McKee                                                          Bakersfield, CA

  • Richard M. Cooper                                                     Wilmington, DE

  • Terryl R. Quarles                                                        Sharon Hill, PA

  • Brandon M. Inabinet                                                     Greenville, SC

  • Willie and Sylvester Roberts                                          Indianola, MS

  • Judy Ann Alberti                                                              Berkeley, CA

  • Catherine Elise Cade                                                       Oakland, CA

  • LLC                                                    Washington, DC

  • Ayse Erginer                                                                     Durham, NC

  • Chrystal Sanders                                                             Ruleville, MS

  • Margaret L. Baker                                                               Bolton, MS

  • Dr. Goddess Arts                                                           Pittsburgh, PA

  • Eric Piotrowski                                                                 Madison, WI

  • Tamara Winfrey Harris                                                Noblesville, IN

  • Ayse Erginer                                                                     Durham, NC

  • Hannah Robinson                                                  Silver Springs, MD

  • Charles Mattingly                                                                  New York

  • Michael Rothblaum                                                             Nyack, NY

  • Joshua Parshall                                                          Chapel Hill, NC

  • Ta Nehisi Coates                                                                   New York

  • Jolene Galegher                                                           Alexandria, VA

  • Brian Cintani                                                                     Lincoln NE

  • Marina Shawer                                                                 Berkeley, CA

  • John Harper                                                                        Regina, SK

  • Cara Crandall                                                           Belchertown, MA

  • Matthew Hoover                                                            Brookline, MA

  • Deja Fouts                                                                     Des Moines, IA

  • Steven Siwy                                                                         Boston, MA

  • Ed Campbell                                                            Riviera Beach, FL

  • Jonathan Morton                                                  Mountain View, CA

  • Mary Cotter                                                                            New York

  • Susan Green                                                                        Eagan, MN

  • Greg Sanders                                                             Ellicott City, MD

  • Joseph Trigg                                                                    La Plata, MD

  • Jeff Kaufman                                                              Los Angeles, CA

  • Mary Apodaca                                                               Tallahassee, Fl

  • Andrew Morton                                                               Brooklyn, NY

  • Michael Jezierny                                                         Boca Raton, FL

  • Anne Rubenstein                                                       Toronto, Canada

  • Shirvalen Crowley                                                     Minneapolis, MN

  • Elizabeth Twitchell                                                            Chicago, IL

  • Alexander Julius                                                        Los Angeles, CA

  • Philip Karlin                                                            West Hartford, ST

  • Jeffrey Grover                                                           College Park, MD

  • Jonathan Fetter                                                         Washington, DC

  • Richard Jones                                                              Healdsburg, CA

  • Traci Curry                                                                Mitchelville, MD

  • Lindsey Hoffman                                                             Portland, OR

  • Marc Rumminger                                                             Berkeley, CA

  • James Emmons                                                          Minneapolis, MN

  • Christopher Devers                                                             Reston, VA

  • Richelle Ford                                                             Washington, DC

  • Johannes Huessy                                                        Washington, DC

  • Barbara Schwartz                                                             Evanston, IL

  • Lori Askeland                                                        Yellow Springs, OH

  • Andrew Jehl                                                           Charlottesville, VA

  • Lissa Bell                                                                      Hyattsville, MD

  • Catherrine Osborne                                                             Bronx, NY

  • James Van Zoeren                                                  San Francisco, CA

  • Erik McDonald                                                                 Durham, NC

  • Joshua Guild                                                                 Princeton, NJ

  • Val Gendleman                                                               Bethesda, MD

  • Tiyi Morris                                                                   Westerville, OH

  • Kevin Bogart                                                                 Briarwood, NY

  • Shannon Booher                                                     Santa Monica, CA

  • Wayne Smith                                                                Santa Rosa, CA

  • Martha Allen                                                          (no address on file)

  • Christopher Lynch                                                 (no address on file)

  • Deborah Fowler                                                     (no address on file)

  • Douglas Turner                                                      (no address on file)

  • Aisha Francis                                                         (no address on file)

  • Janice Fulton                                                              Bakersfield, CA

  • Lois Hayman -El                                                       Philadelphia, PA

  • Karen Solebo                                                             Philadelphia, PA

  • Nanah M. Yancy                                                         Willingboro, NJ

  • Alberta Johnson                                                         Willingboro, NJ

  • Marjorie Wright                                                          Willingboro, NJ

  • B. Graham                                                                          Atlanta, GA

  • Bonnie K. Coleman                                                    Los Angeles, CA

  • Andrea  Turner                                                                    Pinole, CA

  • David H. William                                                   San Francisco, CA

  • Rosilyn Dean                                                                    San Jose, CA

  • Jasmine Thibeaux                                                            Oakland, CA

  • Nina Gagnon Fendel                                                     Piedmont, CA

  • Elise A. Bryant                                                         Silver Spring, MA

  • Jimmy Collier                                                                  Mariposa, CA

  • Hazel W. Barney                                                           Doddsville, MS

  • Maryann O'Donnell                                                   South Jersey, NJ

  • New Thought Generation

  • Shauntrice Martin

  • Matt Constantine  (In honor of my mother-in-law, Susan Reep, on
    Mother's Day)

  • Shannon Reiter

  • Erik Shager

  • Sidney Snead
$125,000 GOAL
National Black
United Fund
(NBUF) is our
fiscal sponsor
for this project.
Hamer Campaign Manager and
SNCCer, Charles McLaurin and Mrs.
Ora Doss Johnson (long time Freedom
Fighter and friend of Hamer's oldest
daughter, Dorothy) unveil the Fannie
Lou Hamer Civil Rights Marker
sponsored by the MS State Department
of Tourism on May 25, 2011
Mississippi State Senator Willie Simmons and Honorary
member of the National Fannie Lou Hamer Statue Committee
proudly views the back side of Hamer marker unveiled on
October 6, 2011 at Hamer Memorial Garden in Ruleville, MS.
AT&T Mississippi donated $10,000 to The Fannie Lou Hamer Statue
Fund on February 20, 2012
MS State Representative Mary Coleman, Mr. Michael Walker( AT&T Mississippi) Mr.
Mayo Flint, President of AT&T Mississippi, Mr. Charles McLaurin (Hamer Statue
Committee Member and friend of Hamer, Ms. Margaret Kibbee (Hamer Statue
Committee Member and Civil Rights Veteran) MS State Senator Willie Simmons (Hamer
Statue Committee Member) MS State Senator David Jordan and Mrs. Hattie Jordan
(former Ruleville, MS Alderwoman and Hamer Statue Committee Member)
Last modified  9/16/2012
Fannie Lou Hamer Statue to be unveiled Friday, October 5th, 2012
at 10:00 AM in The Fannie Lou Hamer Memorial Garden 726 Byron
Street, Ruleville, MS

For more information, email or
call (612) 812-1278
Above is an possible example of what will be on the four
sides of the platform that Mrs. Hamer's statue will stand.
Copyrighted by Hanlon Sculpture Studio (c) March 2012
Rendering of Fannie Lou Hamer Statue submitted by Hanlon
Sculpture Studio and is copyrighted as such March 2012.
Copyrighted by Hanlon Sculpture Studio (c) March 2012