The Late Reverend Joe D. Story was Pastor of William Chapel M. B. Church
during the civil rights movement era in Ruleville, MS where Mrs. Mary Tucker
convinced the legendary  
Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer to attend a mass meeting
where she stood up to volunteer to go register to vote.
The Reverend Joe D. Story Family at William Chapel Church on March 2, 2007 at
a program honoring Him for his bravery during the Mississippi Civil Rights
Movement Era.  As Pastor of William Chapel Church in Ruleville, MS and New St.
Philip in Cleveland, MS, the Late Reverend Joe D. Story courageously permitted
Mass Meetings to take place at a time when churches were being bombed for
such actions throughout the nation.  Reverend Otis Keaton is the current Pastor.
Mr. Cephius Smith unveiled copies of the markers which are to be placed at William Chapel Baptist Church.  The program was
sponsored by
The Fannie Lou Hamer Legacy Committee, an Initiative of THE ROAR FOUNDATION, INC. /ROAR INTERNATIONAL
Mr. Tom Foster
Deacon at William
Chapel Church
Mrs. Ora Doss Johnson former Citizen of Ruleville, MS
Barbara Story McKnight
Daughter of The Late
Rev. J. D. Story
Mr. Charles McLaurin addresses crowd about the role of Mrs. Hamer and William
Chapel as Dr. Leslie McLemore (Professor of Jackson State University (Hamer
Political Institute) laughs at a joke in reflection of the times of the 1960's. Next
row, fa right is Rev. Story's daughter Barbara Story Mcknight an employee at Delta
State University for over 25 years.
Garland Story and Arlene Story Sanders share a moment of reflection about
their father, the late Rev. J. D. Story.  Professor Sanders is employed at Delta
State University in the Political Science Department
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Mrs. Vergie Hamer Faulkner
Mississippi State Senator Willie Simmons
National Black
United Fund
(NBUF) is our
fiscal sponsor
for the Fannie
Lou Hamer
statue project.