Mrs. Victoria Jackson Gray Adams and Patricia M. Thompson
Amzie Moore Park
October 2, 2004

Mrs. Adams was ROAR'S Chief Advisor from 2003-2006

ROAR'S workshop in Ruleville, MS was facilitated by the Legendary
Mrs. Victoria Gray Adams.  We adopted Adams' 5-Steps Process
Model. This journey to shine a light on Fannie Lou Hamer has
permitted ROAR'S path to cross (physically, via phone, mail or email)
with many people who worked with Mrs. Hamer and are doing things to
commemorate her legacy;  among them, Mrs. Victoria Gray Adams,
Mrs. Unita Blackwell, Mr. Owen Brooks, Mr. Charles McLaurin, the Rev.
Jesse Jackson, Dr. Maya Angelou, New Jersey's Secretary of State
Regena Thomas, Ms. June E. Johnson and Mr. Hollis Watkins.

is a non-profit organization first founded in 1994 in Minneapolis,
Minnesota by Patricia M. Thompson to assist kids to get out of gangs
by locating and providing resources.  ROAR reorganized in 2000 to
include Cultural Arts & Computer Technology as venues for education
and entertainment.

Repaying Our Ancestors Respectfully's
mission is to serve as a catalyst to Organizations, Corporations,
Small Businesses, Educational Institutions and Citizens that serve the
interest of youths hereby, pledging to help support and/or create
programs, dialogs, facilities and environments that will promote
positive growth allowing youths to maximize their potentials.  Hence,
ROAR’S mission also includes educating the masses by using
Computer Technology, Communication Arts, Cultural Arts and
Environmental Science.

In May 2004, ROAR organized a
Freedom Tour 2004 Cleveland,
MS Committee  to host The James E. Chaney Foundation, Inc.
Freedom Tour 2004 National Tour stop in the Mississippi Delta.  
developed from this committee.

In March 2006, ROAR organized
The Fannie Lou Hamer Legacy
to host The 30th Anniversary Commemoration
Celebration of Fannie Lou Hamer March 1 - 3, 2007.

(October 2005-April 2007)

The Late Civil Rights Veteran Pioneer Victoria Gray Adams
Shirley Edwards, Mayor of Ruleville
Hattie Jordan, Alderwoman-City of Ruleville
Edgar Donahoe, Sunflower County Supervisor
Charles McLaurin, Civil Rights Activist (SNCC)
Patricia M. Thompson, ROAR
Mack H. Jones, Mississippi Valley State University
Leslie McLemore, Jackson State University
Hollis Watkins, Southern Echo
Yolanda Clark, Community Activist
Rickey Hill, Mississippi Valley State University
Margaret Kibbee, Civil Rights Veteran
Jimmy Lacy, Fannie Lou Hamer Nephew
Tazinski Lee, Mississippi Valley State University
Darrell Moore, Amzie Moore Estate
Jean W. Rawlings, Hamer Cultural Learning Center
David Rushing, Sunflower County Historical Society
Dr. Ron V. Myers, Sr. Juneteenth Foundation
Arlene Story-Sanders, The Rev. J. D. Story Estate
Stacy J. White, Sunflower Historical Society
Freddie White-Johnson, Hamer Cancer Foundation


(Partial List)

Mother Victoria Gray Adams
Civil Rights Veteran Mr. Lawrence Guyot
Civil Rights Veteran Mr. Charles McLaurin
Apostolic Faith Church
New Morning Star Church of God in Christ
New St. James M. B. Church
St. Paul Baptist Church
United Baptist Church
Allstate/Robert Kimbell
Barfield, Lindsey & Associates
Bolongongo's Sportswear & Specialties, Inc.
Byrd Service Station/Jeff Byrd
Cleveland State Bank
Cleveland Community Bank
The Country Platter
Delta Positions, Inc.
Delta State Foundation
Economy Auto & Tire Company
Francis S. Isaac
Flemings Lumbar Company
Gee's Neighborhood Store
Genesis Hospice Care
Haynes Enterprises
Henry Aronson
Hughes Groceries
Homeboy's Fast Foods
Image Changers Salon
Jacks Adams & Norquist
Boone Law Firm
Meador & Crump
MS State Senator Willie Simmons
Myers Community Grocery
Nancy's Cleaners
Neysa's Fireside Shop
Perry Rentals
Products & Supplies Company
Signs by Haynes
Sara B. Cooks
South Street Cleaners
The Senators Place
Temple Bloc Inc.
Wal Mart (Cleveland, MS)
A. C. Kaulker
Attorney Aelicia L. Thomas
Attorney Ellis Turnage
Billy Perry
Bolivar County Supervisor James McBride
Cassandra Thompson Flakes
Cornelius J. Jones
Dr. Paul & Mrs. Richards (We'll Never Turn Back)
Dave Dallas/Delta State University Bologna Performing Art
Civil Rights Veteran Henry Aronson
Civil Rights Veteran Jim Loewen
MS State Rep. Mae R. Whittington
Ruleville's Alderwoman Hattie Jordan
Stacy White
Susan and Fred Klopfer
Sheron Thompson Moss and Spike Moss
Kelley Hardeman
Professor Mahmoud El-Kati
Delta State University Culture Center (Dr. Luther Brown)
William Winters Center for Racial Reconciliation (Dr. Susan
Mayor David Work (Cleveland, MS)
The City of Cleveland


ROAR, please click www.fannielouhamer.info/roar.

Repaying Our Ancestors Respectfully
P. O. Box 4191
Saint. Paul, MN  55104

Web Address: www.fannielouhamer.info
Phone: (612) 812-1278

Executive Director/Founder                  Ms. Patricia M. Thompson
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Rev. Jesse Jackson &
Patricia M. Thompson
Minneapolis, MN
October 2004
Fannie Lou Hamer National Statue Committee

Dr. Molefi Kete Asante
Professor at Temple University

Dr. Maegan Parker Brooks
University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington

Dr. Francine C. Childs
Professor Emerita of AA Studies at Ohio University

Ms. Vergie Hamer Faulkner
Daughter of Fannie Lou Hamer

Mr. Hakim Johnson
Son of June E. Johnson (SNCC/Civil Rights Activist)

Ms. Hattie Jordan
Former Ruleville Alderwoman

Ms. Yolanda Jones
Mississippi Valley State University

Ms. Margaret Kibbee
Sunflower County Civil Rights Organization

Minister Vester Lobbins
Cousin of Fannie Lou Hamer

Dr. Julianne Malveaux
President, Bennett College for Women

Mr. Charles McLaurin
SNCC, Hamer Campaign Manager

Ms. Susan Reep
California Hamer Flamekeeper

Dr. Patricia Reid-Merritt
Committee Chairperson, Professor, Stockton College

Ms. Patricia M. Thompson
Committee Coordinator/Founder of ROAR

Rev. Regena Thomas
Committee Treasurer, Former New Jersey Secretary of State

Dr. Stacy J. White
Chairman, Sunflower County Civil Rights Organization
The Fannie Lou Hamer Statue
Committee is a not-for-profit, non
political organization comprised of
local, regional and national civil
rights activists, scholars and
community leaders who serve as
fundraising and educational
ambassadors in conjunction with
the City of Ruleville, public, private
and individual initiatives to help
achieve the goals of the Fannie
Lou Hamer Statue project.

The FLHSC exists solely for the
purpose of  supporting efforts to
honor and pay tribute to Mrs.
Hamer by commissioning the
construction of a full-length statue
of the civil and human rights
leader, to be placed on permanent
display at the Fannie Lou Hamer
Memorial Garden in Ruleville,

The National Black United Fund
(NBUF) is our fiscal sponsor for
this project.

To make a tax-deductible donation
for The Fannie Lou Hamer Statue
please click below.
National Black
United Fund
(NBUF) is our
fiscal sponsor
for the Hamer
statue project.