Fannie Lou Hamer Memorial Garden
The City of Ruleville, MS received a grant from The Mississippi
Development Authority. The Fannie Lou Hamer Memorial Fund
was established and is managed by the City of Ruleville under
the leadership of Alderwoman Hattie Jordan.

The City of Ruleville approved a plan for
The Hamer Memorial
Garden to include a Gazebo, wrought iron fence, lights, trees,
shrubs, two fountains, a message board and space for a statue.

National Fannie Lou Hamer Statue Committee is
launching a nation-wide fundraiser for The Hamer Statue.
Ruleville's Mayor Shirley Edwards and
Ruleville native Mr. Langdon.
Mr. Charles McLaurin is still
very active with students
and Civil Rights History
Civil Rights Veteran Margaret Kibbee,
Alderwoman Hattie Jordan and Community
Activist Bobbie Allen review plans underway
at The Hamer Garden
Libation at the end of The 30th Anniversary Commemoration
Celebration of the homegoing of Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer
March 3, 2007
Construction began work for
the foundation of a gazebo for
Hamer Memorial Garden
Mr. Levon Davis of Moton's
Construction surveys the
Hamer Memorial Garden
Hamer's nephew, Jimmy Lacy,
speaks with two audience
members at reception for Hamer
family during 30th Anniversary
Celebration on March 30, 2007
Ruleville native John Milton Wesley (Hamer's godson) shares a moment
of solace with Fannie Lou Hamer. Wesley, an accomplished poet and
singer, returned to Ruleville to participate in ROAR'S 8th Annual Fannie
Lou Hamer Celebration where he performed a concert at Ruleville Middle
School and participated in a workshop with students from MS Valley
State University during  "Education Is Essential" Day. The following day,
Wesley performed at Amzie Moore Park singing his song "Already Paid".
Ms. Sumner Olson
presents a check for over
$2000 for The Fannie Lou
Hamer Memorial Fund to
Alderwoman Hattie
Jordan at ROAR'S Annual
Fannie Lou Hamer
. The National
Council for Black
Studies  spearheaded
The Fannie Lou Hamer
"Loose Change" Project
under the leadership of
Dr. Patricia Reid-Merritt
after being contacted by
former New Jersey
Secretary of State Regena
Thomas to host a Fannie
Lou Hamer Celebration.
Alderwoman Hattie Jordan (Ruleville, MS) Civil Rights Veteran  Mrs. Victoria Gray
Adams, Patricia M. Thompson, Dr. Mack Jones (MS Valley State University) and Judge
Marie Wilson (Greenville, MS) @ ROAR'S 6th Annual Fannie Lou Hamer Celebration.
Volunteers get instructions from Ruleville's Alderwoman Hattie Jordan before beginning
the task of adding new developments at The Fannie Lou Hamer Memorial Garden.  
Hamer's nephew, Mr. Jimmy Lacy, (far left) looks gleefully at the blueprint.
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National Black
United Fund
(NBUF) is our
fiscal sponsor
for the Hamer
statue project.