Susan Reep is an educator, photographer and artist.  She is retired
from teaching 7th grade in Bakersfield, CA, where she coached junior
high students in history day projects that included the Little Rock Nine:
Foot Soldiers for Freedom;  Martin Luther King, Jr. and Satyagraha;
Branch Rickey and the Integration of Baseball; Remembering the
Titans; and
The Triumphs and Tragedies of Fannie Lou Hamer.  The
Little Rock Nine video won first in the nation.  She currently works as
an artist whose work can be viewed at  
Please click on DVD to view youtube video
Hamer Flamekeepers Ali and Allie are second row centered among nearly
100 Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement March 3, 2007.
Susan Reep served as advisors for Ali and Allie.
The Fannie Lou Hamer Statue Committee (FLHSC) is a not-for-profit, non
political organization comprised of local, regional and national civil rights
activists, scholars and community leaders who serve as fundraising and
educational ambassadors in conjunction with the City of Ruleville, public,
private and individual initiatives to help achieve the goals of the Fannie
Lou Hamer Statue project.

The FLHSC exists solely for the purpose of  supporting efforts to honor
and pay tribute to Mrs. Hamer by commissioning the construction of a
full-length statue of the civil and human rights leader, to be placed on
permanent display at the Fannie Lou Hamer Memorial Garden in Ruleville,
National Black
United Fund
(NBUF) is our
fiscal sponsor
for the Hamer
statue project.