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Few people would argue against the notion that Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer
spoke truth to power and led the way by example in how to take a stand
and become a man (or woman) in the face of constant death threats as
retaliation for choices made on the road to freedom.

One such man in the making due to Hamer’s courage was Mr. Charles
McLaurin.  McLaurin was a close friend and Campaign Manager of Fannie
Lou Hamer.  And he is the best living source on how Mrs. Hamer became
who she was and how she transformed politics from a small rural town
called Ruleville, Mississippi.

Charles McLaurin was recruited into the civil rights movement by Mr.
Lawrence Guyot on the campus of Jackson State University when Guyot
invited him and several other young men to come to the Masonic Temple
to hear Medgar Evers and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. speak.

Arrested over thirty times for his involvement in the movement, McLaurin
is still active in the movement.  But this leg of his life finds him in demand
to guide tours throughout the Mississippi Delta on the civil rights trail.  
He is actively involved with Sunflower County Civil Rights Movement
Veterans, ROAR, other community organizations, individuals and
institutions on the importance of uplifting and shining a light on the
legacy of his good friend, Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer AND Amzie Moore.

As a member of SNCC, McLaurin and five others were sent to Ruleville,
MS to begin a voter registration drive.  He hadn’t heard of Fannie Lou
Hamer at that time.  During an interview with
Delta Business Journal,
McLaurin recalls meeting Mrs. Hamer for the first time: “I was surprised.  
Here was this fairly quiet unassuming black woman with little education
who had a courage and conviction that she was doing the right thing by
registering to vote and helping others to register".  "She never backed

It was McLaurin who SNCC sent to Cascilla, MS to retrieve Mrs. Hamer and
bring her back to the Mississippi Delta.  Fannie Lou was in Cascilla,
Mississippi because she was forced to quit her sharecropping job and
had no place to stay after she refused to withdraw her name from the list
of those trying to register.

Charles McLaurin is available for speaking engagements and tour guides
on the Mississippi Civil Rights Trail.
Mr. Charles McLaurin takes notes of plans
of new developments underway at The
Fannie Lou Hamer Memorial Garden under
the leadership of Alderwoman Hattie Jordan.
Charles McLaurin, close friend and Campaign Manager of Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer, (right)
leads crowd to Hamer grave to lay a wreath as part of the 30th Anniversary
Commemoration Celebration of Hamer's home-going on March 3, 2007.

The event was sponsored by The Fannie Lou Hamer Legacy Committe, an initiative of ROAR.
Charles  McLaurin
(center) helps break
ground at
The Fannie Lou
Hamer Memorial Garden.
Left is Lawrence Guyot
(MFDP) and right is Rev.
Ed King

October 2, 2004
Mr. Charles McLaurin points to himself in a
picture from the 1960's on exhibit by Tracy
Sugarman at a library in Sunflower County, MS
Mr. McLaurin addresses students at
Indianola Gentry High School during ROAR'S
Educational Is Essential" Day

October 2004
McLaurin facilitates a workshop at Hamer Multi-purpose Building in Ruleville, MS for The Fannie
Lou Hamer Exhibition during the
30th Anniversary Celebration on Friday, March 2, 2007.
McLaurin explains to audience at William Chapel the role of then Pastor, Rev.
J. D. Story while The Story Family looks on as does Dr. Leslie McLemore,
founder of
Fannie Lou Hamer Political Institute at Jackson State University.  
The late
Rev. Story & William Chapel was honored and celebrated for their
role in the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement on Friday, March 2, 2007 as part
of the 30th Anniversary Commemoration Celebration of the Home-going of
Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer.
You will find details
about the role
Charles McLaurin
played in the Civil
Rights Movement
in this book.
Mr. Charles McLaurin poses with some of the youth from
The Fannie Lou Hamer Cultural Center after The Charles McLaurin
Workshop in October 2006. The workshop was co-sponsored by ROAR
Leflore County Judge Solomon Osbourne, Lawrence Guyot, Amzie Moore, Jr.
Patricia M. Thompson/ROAR and Charles McLaurin

Amzie Moore Park October1, 2005

The Amzie Moore Monument was unveiled as part of the 5th Annual Amzie Moore
Day sponsored by ROAR and Amzie Moore Estates
Guyot and McLaurin were close friends of both Amzie Moore and Fannie Lou Hamer
Charles McLaurin and
youths from Sunflower
County, MS reflect on
Obama's historic
swearing in ceremony as
the 44th President of The
United States of America
Charles McLaurin has
been appointed Project
Director for
The Fannie
Lou Hamer Statue which
will be located at
Fannie Lou Hamer
Memorial Garden.
Questions, comments or suggestions about this web site
should be directed to info@fannielouhamer.info
McLaurin giving details to a
BBC reporter for a
documentary in March 2008
The Fannie Lou Hamer
Statue Committee is a
not-for-profit, non political
organization comprised of
local, regional and national
civil rights activists,
scholars and community
leaders who serve as
fundraising and educational
ambassadors in conjunction
with the City of Ruleville,
public, private and
individual initiatives to help
achieve the goals of the
Fannie Lou Hamer Statue

The FLHSC exists solely for
the purpose of  supporting
efforts to honor and pay
tribute to Mrs. Hamer by
commissioning the
construction of a full-length
statue of the civil and
human rights leader, to be
placed on permanent display
at the Fannie Lou Hamer
Memorial Garden in
Ruleville, Mississippi.
National Black
United Fund
(NBUF) is our
fiscal sponsor
for the Hamer
statue project.