Dr. Julianne Malveaux
The Fannie Lou Hamer Statue
Committee (FLHSC) is a
not-for-profit, non political
organization comprised of
local, regional and national
civil rights activists, scholars
and community leaders who
serve as fundraising and
educational ambassadors in
conjunction with the City of
Ruleville, public, private and
individual initiatives to help
achieve the goals of the
Fannie Lou Hamer Statue

The FLHSC exists solely for the
purpose of  supporting efforts
to honor and pay tribute to
Mrs. Hamer by commissioning
the construction of a
full-length statue of the civil
and human rights leader, to be
placed on permanent display at
the Fannie Lou Hamer
Memorial Garden in Ruleville,

As the 15th President of Bennett College for Women, Dr.
Julianne Malveaux has been the architect of exciting and
innovative transformation at America’s oldest historically black
college for women. Under her leadership, the administration
has identified four key focus areas: women’s leadership,
entrepreneurship, excellence in communications, and
global awareness. In the three short years of her presidency,
Bennett College has successfully received a 10-year
reaffirmation of its accreditation from the Southern Association
of Colleges and Schools, markedly improved existing facilities,
embarked on a $21 million capital improvements program –
which marks the first major campus construction in more than
25 years – and in fall 2009 enjoys an historic enrollment high.
Moreover, the campus is alive and invigorated with a new
sense of purpose and passion, as the Bennett College
community embraces its commitment to create an oasis where
women are educated, celebrated, and transformed into 21st
century leaders and global thinkers.

Dr. Malveaux has long been recognized for her progressive
and insightful observations. She is a labor economist, noted
author, and colorful commentator. Julianne Malveaux has been
described by Dr. Cornel West as “the most iconoclastic public
intellectual in the country.” Her contributions to the public
dialogue on issues such as race, culture, gender, and their
economic impacts are shaping public opinion in 21st century

Dr. Malveaux’s popular writing has appeared in USA Today,
Black Issues in Higher Education, Ms. Magazine, Essence
Magazine, and the Progressive. Her weekly columns appeared
for more than a decade (1990-2003) in newspapers across the
country including the Los Angeles Times, Charlotte Observer,
New Orleans Tribune, Detroit Free Press, and San Francisco
Examiner. She has hosted television and radio programs, and
appeared widely as a commentator on networks, including
and others.

Dr. Malveaux has been a contributor to academic life since
receiving her Ph.D. in economics from MIT in 1980. She has
been on the faculty or visiting faculty of the New School for
Social Research, San Francisco State University, the University
of California (Berkeley), College of Notre Dame (San Mateo,
California), Michigan State University and Howard University.
She holds honorary degrees from Sojourner Douglas College
(Baltimore, Maryland), Marygrove College (Detroit, Michigan),
University of the District of Columbia, and Benedict College
(Columbia, South Carolina). She received her bachelor’s and
master’s degrees in economics at Boston College.

A native San Franciscan, she is the Founder and Thought
Leader of Last Word Productions, Inc., a multimedia production
company headquartered in Washington, D.C.
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United Fund
(NBUF) is our
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