I was born in Greenwood MS August 24, 1976 to the late Civil Right
June E. Johnson and Will King. Graduated from Historic
Piney Woods High School 1994 in Jackson MS.  I was employed
with the US Department of Agriculture from 1996 to 2009. As an
employee for USDA, I worked as a Mail Management Specialist
from 2000 to 2009. Supervised staff of ten employees, from 2005 to
2009. Served as a member on the Government Mailers Advisory
Council Board (GMAC), from 2005 to 2009 as Secretary.  

Currently located in Jackson, MS. Owner of FREEDOM SCREEN
PRINTING & Embroidery
( and
Business Manager for Southern Touch Catering
The Fannie Lou Hamer Statue
Committee (FLHSC) is a
not-for-profit, non political
organization comprised of local,
regional and national civil rights
activists, scholars and community
leaders who serve as fundraising
and educational ambassadors in
conjunction with the City of
Ruleville, public, private and
individual initiatives to help
achieve the goals of the Fannie
Lou Hamer Statue project.

The FLHSC exists solely for the
purpose of  supporting efforts to
honor and pay tribute to Mrs.
Hamer by commissioning the
construction of a full-length statue
of the civil and human rights
leader, to be placed on permanent
display at the Fannie Lou Hamer
Memorial Garden in Ruleville,
June E. Johnson speaking at Trinity College
Washington D.C.
National Black
United Fund
(NBUF) is our
fiscal sponsor
for the Hamer
statue project.