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"Sick & Tired of being Sick &
Tired: Triumph and Tragedy of
Civil Rights Activist Fannie Lou
Hamer" documentary was shown
to hundreds of attorneys, judges
and film makers in Century City,
California, in the Spring of 2008
as it won 1st place in the 2007
Junior Division, Free Expression
in a Free Society Competition
sponsored by the  Constitutional
Rights Foundation (CRF).
8th Graders Ali and Allie of Bakersfield, CA  presented their documentary to the
Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement in March 2007 at the CRMV
2nd Annual Conference in Jackson, MS.  Their work has been added to The
Hamer/McLaurin Exhibition which will be on display at ROAR'S Annual Hamer
Celebrations and at special events.
Throughout the years, young and old people have been drawn to
adjust their lives based on the impact of Civil Rights Movement
Pioneer, Mrs. Fannie Lou Townsend Hamer.  ROAR will have it's
Hamer Flamekeepers Conference as part of our ongoing
Fannie Lou Hamer Celebration. It will coincide with the developments
and unveiling of The Fannie Lou Hamer Statue. Please click on
Statue for updates.
Dr. Leslie McLemore and Civil Rights Movement Veteran Ms. June E. Johnson
Dr. McLemore founded The Fannie Lou Hamer Political Institute in Jackson,
Mississippi. Ms. Johnson was jailed and beaten with Mrs. Hamer in Winona, MS.
Hamer Flamekeepers Ali and Allie are second row centered among nearly
100 Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement March 3, 2007.
Fannie Lou Hamer
California Hamer Flamekeepers and Patricia M. Thompson (ROAR
Charles McLaurin, NY State Senator Nancy
Laraine Hoffman and Mrs. Hamer's nephew,
Mr. Jimmy Lacy.
New York State Senator Laraine Hoffman was involved in the civil rights
movement in Mississippi.  She was at the conference when Mrs.
Hamer nominated Mayor Charles Evers for Governor of Mississippi.  
She founded Senator's Hoffman's Civil Rights Connection organization
in 1996 (?) where she takes scholars on historic sites throughout the
nation in order for them to gain first hand knowledge and exposure to
civil rights movement veterans and their experiences.  Above, she
addressed the audience at the 30th Anniversary Commemoration
Celebration of the Homegoing of Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer in Ruleville,
MS @ Hamer Multipurpose Building at The Hamer/McLaurin Exhibit &
Fannie Lou Hamer Cancer
Foundation founded by
Freddie White Johnson
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