Amzie Moore Day
THE ROAR FOUNDATION, INC. Amzie Moore Estates and the
City of Cleveland unveiled this Granite Monument in honor of
Amzie Moore at Amzie Moore Park in Cleveland, MS on October
1, 2005.  Citizens, businesses, churches and Civil Rights veterans
made contributions as did Cleveland's Mayor David Work who
also authorized the City of Cleveland to make an official donation
which completed the project.
The Legendary Victoria Gray Adams takes a look at the back of the Amzie
Moore Monument.  It has a short biography of Amzie and some of the
people and organizations he worked with.  Adams was a close friend of
Fannie Lou Hamer and Amzie Moore                                October 2005
Amzie Moore Walking Trail leads to two baseball fields

Estimates of over 800 people are said to have visited the park that day
SEPTEMBER 29, 2001
Mississippi State Senator Willie Simmons (center) explains to crowd the importance
of voting at the 4th Annual Amzie Moore/Fannie Lou Hamer Day on October 2, 2004
at Amzie Moore Park.  Left to right on stage: Ms. Kelley Hardeman, Ms. Patricia M.
Thompson, Mr. Spike Moss, Mrs. Hattie Jordan, Senator Willie Simmons, Dr. Nate
Brown, Minister Barbara Devine, Ms. Harriett Tanzman, Mrs. Victoria Gray Adams
and Mr. Lawrence Guyot.  Standing far left in grass is Darrell Moore, son of Amzie
Amzie Moore (white coat and
Harvey Richards (white hat)
discuss the details of filming
the documentary
"Never Turn
Back"in 1963. Harvard returned
in 1964 to do Dream Deferred"
Copyrighted by
Harvey Richards
Mr. Jimmy Travis and Mr. Hollis Watkins travel down memory lane as they reflect
back on their work with Amzie Moore in the 1960's throughout the Mississippi Delta

7th Annual Amzie Moore Day                                                                October 2007
Mississippi Slim performs for the crowd at Amzie Moore Park
7th Annual Amzie Moore Day                                October 2007
Lady of Elegance youth performs a step show as hundreds looks on

7th Amzie Moore Day                                                      October 2007
Barbara Looney, Blues and R & B singer, closes out the 7th Annual Amzie Moore Day

Amzie Moore Park                                                                                                October 2007
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